Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

1.  Last night we had a really bad storm here.  I don't mind storms, in fact I love sleeping in them.  The sound of the rain on the roof, mmmmm....  But this one came around 9:30, right when my studying was starting to click in my head, and out goes the power.  Right after that the tornado sirens started blaring.  We grabbed our one flashlight and radio and went downstairs.  I tried studying by flashlight.  It really didn't work so well.  So instead, we had a dance party.  With lightning as a strobe light.  It was great.

2.  I finally bought a wedding clutch.  The winner for my cookies and clutches poll where I had you choose between 3 clutches was #1 by a landslide.  Unfortunately, when I went to purchase it they couldn't guarantee that I would have it in time for the wedding.  That's a problem.  So I found one that was equally (more?) beautiful that I will have on time.  I can't wait to see it in person!!!!

3.  I have a killer gnocchi recipe in the works right now.  I can't wait to share it with you!

4.  I am currently sitting in Starbucks studying, and anxiously awaiting the start of Frappy Hour.

5.  This weekend I will be studying my butt off because next week is finals trynottodie week.  It's been a little hard to focus on finals when I have so many wedding things on my mind.  Luckily Josh is the best fiancĂ© ever and is working really hard on the wedding so I don't have to.

Happy Friday!

You should leave me a comment and tell me one fun fact from your Friday!!!!



At May 5, 2012 at 2:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of luck on finals, hun! I am sure you will kick those tests' bootays for surely :) :)

One fact from my Friday: I decided to take my pup Thunder paddle boating with me last night which turned out to be quite the adventure. Let's just say I think he is part fish, we almost had a tortoise and the dog situation on our hands (which would have been fine if said tortoise wasn't a snapper--eek those things can be mean) and did I mention how lovely the scent of wet dog is? Haha But I couldn't have really asked for a better night. I hope your Friday night was awesome girl!


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